Should I Subdivide?

Subdividing is a great way to make use of under utilised land. It’s also another opportunity for you to downsize without changing your location. If done right it can provide you with an additional income – sell the land, or build on it and use it as a rental, or sell your existing home and move in to a brand new healthier, warmer home but there’s a few considerations to think of first: The size of the section, zoning, required infrastructure, title restrictions, ground stability. This is where our team of experts can navigate you through this complex process and provide you piece of mind project management from start to finish.

What cost factors should I consider when subdividing?

The subdivision of one residential property into two lots can vary in cost due to a range of factors, in particular, infrastructure requirements but CD Van Der Meer builders can guide you through this process.

These costs will likely include:

  • consent processing costs
  • development fees
  • infrastructure connections (water, power, communication, etc.)
  • driveways and access
  • professional fees (surveyors, planners, lawyers, engineers, etc.)
  • Land Information New Zealand fees

With CD van der Meer Builders we can guide you through the cost analysis process to ensure that the project is commercially viable and fits within your budget.

Ready to subdivide and build?

Once all the key factors have been considered and consent has been obtained then CD van der Meer builders can design and build your dream home from start to finish, with our team of project managers we can ensure that the design and build process is managed competently, professionally and delivered within your budget.

We only use products of the highest quality and go out of our way to source New Zealand-made products whenever possible. If there are specific products that you want to be used in your home, we will endeavour to source them on your behalf.