Why should I renovate?

An outdated home will start to diminish in value. Not only will it look outdated, but areas of the house and its critical systems can begin to degrade. Regular home maintenance and repairs are necessary to maintain your property value. A home renovation can help you maintain and increase that value. Exterior re cladding, kitchen renovations, and bathroom remodels all have excellent returns on investment and ensure that your property maintains it durability.

Improve your homes functionality

Your home should always provide you with quality of life. It is your family’s base and retreat. Ensuring that your home works for you is therefore of critical importance. Consider your kitchen and family room. These are usually the most used areas of a home, and renovating these spaces means you are going to substantially improve the quality of living in your home.

Old kitchens and bathrooms not only become eyesores, they also don’t feel like your beautiful home when they are falling apart. Maybe you have problematic plumbing, or you lack the kitchen bench space you need. Does your bathroom have broken tiles? Is your kitchen looking drab instead of cosy? It might be time for an update.

Boost your homes energy efficiency

Renovating your home can improve it’s thermal performance and reduce overall energy use. Upgrades like new central heating systems, roofing, insulation, appliances, light fixtures, windows, and doors can reduce energy consumption. Renovations can also help you save water with water-efficient faucets, showerheads and infinities . Boosted efficiency translates to reduced consumption which in turn reduces your homes carbon foot print.

Expert project management to get your renovation completed on schedule

Unless you are meticulous in organising, prioritising and structuring shifting time-frames and overseeing numerous building professionals, we don’t recommend you project manage your own renovation.

Owner Carl van der Meer is a skilled communicator who sticks to set time-frames and works effectively with everyone involved in the build. Carl’s proven network of building professionals has been nurtured and he has strong working ties with them which you can leverage. When you choose Carl to project manage your alterations, you gain instant peace of mind.

How can we help you? Our Master Builders can design and build you a new home, offer future-proofing services to reclad a house or deal with leaky homes from Wellington to Horowhenua.